Elvis comes home to a hero's welcome after 2 years in Germany in the US Army


1960. What an amazing year. Tucked away between the rock’n’roll ‘50s and the hippy ‘60s, it’s a stellar period of emerging talent, creative achievement and memorable events that have stood the test of time and left a lasting legacy.
So look back at the extraordinary year of 1960 - and look forward to working with some extraordinary 1960 Creative people dedicated to conjuring up the right numbers for your business.

1960 saw a big star earning a big star; in fact Joanna Woodward was the very first movie actress to be commemorated on the celebrated Hollywood Walk of Fame - a worthy reward for the hard work, dedication and focus she applied to her formidable creative skills.

We’ve applied the same disciplines to the work we’ve carried out for people, resulting in some notable success stories for our clients. So take a look at some examples of how we’ve helped our valued customers to succeed.


Good advertising is about eloquent persuasion - and that’s what we do best. We charm our clients (and our clients’ customers) with memorable, original and engaging advertisements that will build brands, attract buyers and generate healthy sales of products and services.

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‘Branding’ is about giving your product a memorable identity that will support customer perceptions and consumer sales – and it’s yet another effective weapon in our communications armoury. Well-honed and sharp, 1960 branding always gets straight to the point.

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Whether you want flamboyance or subtlety, razzmatazz or reserve, we can create an entire exhibition package that will answer and exceed your expectations. From the design and build of your stand to the creation of accompanying banners, posters, literature and promotional items – we can put on a great show, just for you.

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1960. A year in which teamwork secured some remarkable achievements in some of the lowest and highest places on earth – with human cooperation creating some amazing futuristic science as well. We like teamwork too - it’s what 1960 Creative counts on for client success.

No matter what your marketing needs - from a one-off item to an on-going marketing campaign - 1960 Creative has the right team of people, plus the expertise you need to get the best results from your communications.

1960 Creative is headed up by art director David Lewis and copywriter John Wallace. We’ve both got years of advertising agency and freelance experience behind us, and as a two-man team we can deliver a full creative service covering websites, brochures, direct mail, stand-alone leaflets - and any other kind of advertising you can name.

If additional services are required to complete your bespoke 1960 Creative marketing package, we know the best people in the business - time-served professionals who are self-employed like us but can deliver a truly-effective team-based service.

Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh descend to an oceanic depth of 35,797 feet to reach the lowest spot on Earth.
Arthur Leonard Schawlow & Charles Hard Townes receive the first patent for a laser.
Aswan High Dam construction begins in Egypt.